Monday, 20 July 2015


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On September the 12th 2015 a historical event will take place.

The Little Cup is considered as the America»s cup cadet sister.

It is an unique opportunity to watch in Geneva’s bay genuine flying factories sailing over 30 knots, cradle for a technology close to that of space crafts.

Two seasoned sailors are at the helm of this «interceptior aircraft», a true carbon and other high technology materials.

Communication, commitment, know how, fortitude, mental endurance, such are the ingredients of our recipe.

Share with us these values, so this very project --our project~~, this challenge is lead to success.

«You are about to hear the heartbeat of our earth to the tune of wind, water and clouds.»

Jean-Pierre de Siebenthal

Norgador Team


Turning to be a sailor since more than 30 years and having many experiences, this year 2013 looks great !